Thursday, November 29, 2007

Newsmaker Profile

Naomi Rosen: She puts the zing in A-M-A-ZING
By Barbara Navarro

Success is the sum of the details for one Cal State Long Beach student.

Coming closer to marketing senior Naomi Rosen, all this becomes apparent.

It’s in the way this 26-year-old casts a watchful eye on the everyday experiences that encompass her, as though she were carefully examining a movie played in slow motion. Or how she twirls through classes with a cluster of friends constantly at her side, as though they came packaged in a box filled with the season’s trendiest gadgets with secret communication codes and buzz beeps.

No moment is lost with Rosen. It’s all a glittering momentum.

This is what separates her from the rest of her class. She’d tell you, simply, her life “is amazing”—and that’s with putting a ballooned emphasis on that a-m-a.

Rosen is the head of the American Marketing Association, or AMA, at CSULB for the present 2007-2008 term. She puts it better than anybody else: “I am PROUD to say I am the new El Presidente the Third!!”

Close to a hundred dedicated students attend the AMA meetings every Monday evening, making it the largest club at the College of Business Administration. When plans for the group were announced earlier this semester it was hard to turn away, even with the club’s glossy $78 membership fee.

Projects announced ranged from playing baseball games against other CBA student organizations for charity, to participating in projects like the Spring Break Katrina Rebuild, to dealing with the Honda Company as campaign-makers to university students for the 2008 Honda Accord Coupe.

Though the club has engaged in (or has been a part of) about a dozen events every month since this semester started. At the heart of the clan is the very petite though vivacious Rosen.

Rosen attributes a big fraction of her enthusiasm to maintain AMA as such an active group t0 her fellow executive board leaders, who are about a dozen of her marketing peers.

They see her the same way.

“I've known her over the last year or so and she really impresses me as an individual. She takes on a lot and makes sure that AMA is always taken care of,” said Erica Whitson, 29, a marketing student and public relations director of the AMA.

“It's rare to find that kind of dedication at school, and I'm proud to be a part of AMA because of people like [Naomi],” Whitson added.

Though Rosen claims she hasn’t always been the easygoing leader easily recognized today. She lists a number of things that represent AMA’s success—they’ve won awards for their Web site, part of which Rosen helped create; AMA has also taken major chances, as in competing in nation-wide contests, like the campaign project for Honda’s new coupe. Still, Rosen started with the AMA group without many friends and without even much interest when she transferred in the fall of 2005 from a community college in her Garden Grove neighborhood.

“I first began at CSULB as a total commuter. I went to class and went home,” Rosen said. “My second semester I joined AMA, but I only went to the Monday meetings.

“Then, towards the end of the semester as they began talking about elections,” Rosen said, “I got a wild hair in my body and the thought of running for a position crossed my mind.”

Rosen ran for the 2006-2007 vice president position for communications. And, she won the job despite her cutthroat opposition.

Rosen made it clear that that edgy, competitive kind of style of doing business didn’t fall well with her. She preferred openness and sincerity in the atmosphere. Others took notice and elected her president for the current school year.

She learned this attitude from her parents, who worked at home as computer programmers and graphic designers throughout her childhood.

Rosen enjoyed her parent’s partnership and became interested in designing herself, signing up for unique classes throughout high school and her earlier college days. She added a twist to the equation, however. She never let go of her great passion for movies even if she knew deep down inside she’d make a lousy director if she ever pursued that career, she said. So Rosen opted for combining two of her talents.

“Originally I wanted to go into advertising, because I am obsessed with movies and hate when they misportray movies in previews. So, [I] figured I would make good advertising for movies (since making movies wasn't a realistic career),” she said. “I felt marketing would be a great balance between professional world of business and a fun world of creativity.”

Being a part of AMA has turned Rosen to her first and current internship with Autobytel Inc., an online marketing service specializing in the auto industry.

When she graduates next semester, Rosen has plans to start working towards her dream job as an exec for a marketing or advertising agency, while staying close to Southern California.

“I am a Pisces and I am a dreamer. I want it all!” she said.

*The photo above was taken from the AMA Web site.

Monday, November 19, 2007

AMA Flips!

Did AMA "Flip your Perception" over Honda New Model?

Sporty. Fast. Modern.

The American Marketing Association at Cal State Long Beach welcomed Honda's 2008 Accord EX-L V-6 Coupe model to campus on Monday, steering closer to the nationwide conclusion of Honda's marketing competition for universities, called Accord Coupe Marketing Challenge: New Car, New Generation.

Honda's new speedster was created with Generation Y in mind, explained one AMA participant. And defining the generation was only one major part of the mission in this marketing campaign.

Generation Y is an under-30s group that likes to spend, and it's a generation heavily influencing the following generations coming up, said the AMA marketing student.

And though college students (one of the more obvious sub-groups) seem to be almost always broke, the Accord Coupe will help with its moderate price (starting at about $21,000) and generous fuel-efficiency.

The 50-plus group of AMA hosted an array of activities, luring hundreds of CSULB students onto the USU North Lawn. The AMA ran an acceleration lounge, hosted a bungee jumper and invited professional salsa dancers and breakdancers to their 4-hour event. The goal being to heighten students' awareness of the coupe's special features, like the ones mentioned above and like its 268-hp engine and aggresive center of handling.

They underwent such an extensive preparation they ended up giving themselves a professional title, "The Agency." They included research, financing and publicity into the forming of their campaign, all while on a $2,500 budget. Presenting their campaign to the rest of the school was one thing; they will now develop a post-event analysis of their unique interactive campaign.

Results of the competition will be announced by Honda on Dec. 17.

Vroom! Vroom!

(Above: An AMA member dresses up for the fun occasion; Center: CSULB students fill in the blanks—why they find the 2008 Honda Accord Coupe so appealing; Below: The V-6 engine nicely lays out under the sun. Photo at very top: Jay Moon, an AMA rep, shows off glittery ads created for this special event. All photos by Barbara Navarro)

To read more on Honda's 2008 Accord Coupe:
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Honda's homepage:
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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Monday, Monday

The American Marketing Association at CSULB is showcasing its pivotal performance as Honda's exclusive campaign-maker for the 2008 Honda Accord Coupe. "Flip Your Perception of Speed" is the name of the campaign that marketing students of the AMA developed for Long Beach's Generation Y. The group's campaign name plays off Honda's current campaign "Reverse Your Thinking." And while becoming the pros at developing the campaign, which included loads of research, teamwork, and creativity, the AMA students gave themselves the working name The Agency. They are in competition with other universities across the nation to win a prize from the Honda company. In order to fulfill all sides of the marketing aparatus, however, AMA needs your help. They want to know how you absorb their presentation and how much more aware of the new Accord Coupe you become from the exposure of their "Flip" campaign. Below are the details of the event.

What: AMA (The Agency), present the 2008 Honda Accord Coupe
When: Mon., Nov. 19, 11a.m.3p.m.
Where: North Lawn, just outside of USU Games.
Why: Along with games and vents, there will be free food and prizes given away during the event.

Another Event on Monday...

Occuring just slightly later than AMA's is SAM's (or Society for Advancement of Management) continuation of their Speaker Series. Shaun Tan, founder and director of the Entrepreneur Mentor Society, is Monday's speaker. According to the EMS Web site, Tan, a summa cum laude graduate of UCLA in business and economics, has suceeded in entrepreneurship many times (and millions) over. Currently, Tan is head of an aerospace manufacturing company, Solara Engineering, and the managing partner of Avid Capital, a buyout firm. Here's SAM's flyer with the details of Tan's visit.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

College Students: Not Learning Ethics

In a report from Tuesday, NPR announces the results of a new probe on business schools around the country. They say: "business schools have strayed from that goal and are now turning out consultants and hedge-fund hotshots obsessed with maximizing quarterly profits."

Listen to the full story here: Have Business Schools Strayed from their Mission? (AUDIO)

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